About US

Who We Are?

The “Middle East For Food Industreis” company was established in 1994 in Alexandria. Invariably, from the very beginning of its activity, we have been dealing with the import and distribution of impulse confectionery. As we were expanding, we created our first brand El-sherouk . A few years later , after great success of that brand, we launched many products with diffrent names. At the moment, they are leading brands in category of sweets in Egypt. We are well-known for full professionalism. We participate actively at every stage of product development process. Starting from the idea, through the appropriate selection of ingredients, raw materials, up to the final product design features. Our people from the design department are true professionals, who know perfectly the needs of the youngest consumers. What’s more, all of suppliers are not accidental companies. We choose only those that have the necessary certificates and can guarantee the quality that satisfies us. The safety of children is very important, therefore in spite of the strict quality regulations that are force in Egypt and Middle East countries, our company additionally has introduced internal procedures. They clearly define the standards within which we choose the assortment and suppliers. For a few years , we also have been the authors and inventors of many products. We creat product from the scratch, starting from the idea and initial drawings up to final shape, features and functionality. They are totally innovative and unique products that no body has in the world . Moreover, there products are registered and protected by patent, so we are their only legal owner. This has a great importance for our customers who receive something special and do not have to worry about competition. With are delivering our products to all Middle East as well as many countries in Africa. Our customer group is regularly growing from year to year together with our products range, that only proves our belief that we have chosen the right direction so that our demanding small consumers can enjoy with our products around the world. As the owner, I am convinced that my company, and more specifically the products that are created by the whole Middle East team will keep on enjoying not only our wholesale customers, but mostly all the children for whom we do what we do. There is nothing sweeter than their smile and pleasure!

Engineer / Magdy Khalifa


To be trusted, loved and exemplary brand of the industry on national and international platforms by producing high quality, delicious and energizing (healthy) products through modern production systems and information combined with a qualified work force.